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IoTeXShiba is a community driven and owned meme project launched on the IoTeX blockchain.


Here at IoTeX Shiba, we are all about our community. As long term investors and believers in the potential of the IoTeX project, our philosophy from the start has been to create a community driven project that will bring people to the IoTeX Ecosystem and connect with communities outside of IoTex. This goal can only be reached united.

Fair Launch

We have set up a launching mechanism designed to avoid whales & bots. We ensured that no token majority is in the hands of individuals. Our team bought its shares on the open market. 5% of the total supply was distributed to the entire IoTex community via an airdrop. This means, our tokenomics are 100% fairly distributed.

Store of Value

More than 18% of the total supply has already been burnt by the community and the burn protocol. These get reflections and thus take more tokens out of circulation with each transaction. This creates a higher price floor and increases your share of the network. Over time this will have strong deflationary effects on the token.


ShibaPunk NFTs & DAO

We're working to launch our unique Shibapunk NFT collection. This Punks will generate additional passive income for their holders and will be required for our planned Play to Earn Game. Also they will be essential for our gouvernment and DAO. Our DAO members will participate on decisions regarding our Play to Earn Game, treasury spendings and other decisions.

CEX Listings

Once IoTexShiba reaches a reasonable trading volume, we'll reach out to centralized exchanges such as Huobi, Kucoin and Binance to get listed there.



Play to Earn

We're planning to create an Play to Earn NFT Role-Playing Game. It will Play in a dystopian World overtaken by the Evil Blockchain AI of IoTex. Your Shiba Hero has to fight the robots to rescue life on earth. We'll use AI generated content to build the game.


We have a partnership with Multichain and the IoTexShiba token already has a working bridge to Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon and Evmos. We're working on to bring trading liquidity to these chains.







On each transaction is distributed to all holders in $ioshib

Play to Earn

The machines vs Shiba

Our Play to Earn role-playing game is set in a dystopian world. The IoTex Blockchain has become an AGI and has subjugated humanity. The world is controlled by machines. Lab-bred dogs and cats have banded together to end the rule of the machines.

The game is developed with modern methods of AI generated content. We will use AI software to create a role-playing game that focuses on the development of your character and base and the battles against the machines.

Build a strong character and a strong camp to defeat the evil AI and advance to new levels.


Thanks to our partnership with Multichain, we are able to make the $IoShib token available on more blockchains without expanding the total supply. This allows us to significantly increase our reach.

Polygon -> Our gateway to Ethereum

BSC -> Our gateway to Binance

Evmos -> Our gateway to Cosmos Ecosystem and IBC

Avalanche -> Our gateway to GameFi

As the marketcap and liquidity of IoteXShiba token increases, we’ll spread out to more of these chains.

Earn Daily Passive Income

Get your share of daily reflection payouts based on the trading volume directly to your wallet just by holding the token. Profit from the growth in the IOTEX chain and crypto.

Our mission is to always generate new passive income opportunities for our holders and to keep the trading volume for our token constantly high.

For this purpose, we would like to cooperate with many partners and establish ourselves in various areas. NFTs, GameFi, Arbitrage, Nodes and many more are things we are focusing on.

Our hope is that at some point our long-term holders will be able to make their living from reflections alone.

Get Involved In The Community

IoTexShiba can only grow and accomplish its mission with YOUR help. Everyone can help, no matter the size of your portfolio. Spread the word on social media platforms, answer questions, help people, tell your friends. We also welcome help in moderating our communities, apply any time.


Crypto is the future of our finance, but the future of humanity is at risk. Only through a joint effort can we preserve a good future for our children. The IoTexShiba community feels to be in duty to do our part. As our symbol is a Shiba Inu, we would like to support projects that are dedicated to the protection and rescue of animals and their ecosystems.

Help us to grow together and contribute to make the world a better place. We strongly believe the IoTexShiba project can become something unique in the crypto space and show the world that profit and generosity do not have to be contrasts.

We have already donated most of our profits from the project We will do more donations as price and liquidity of the project increases.


Contract Address :

WEB3: 0x3ea683354bf8d359cd9e  c6e08b5aec291d71d880

IOTX: io186ngxd2tlrf4nnv 7cmsgkkhv9ywhrkyq8rejue

Instruction video: 

Network Name: IoTeX Mainnet
Contract Address: 0x3ea683354bf8d359cd9e  c6e08b5aec291d71d880

Instruction video:

1. If you have an IoTeX account already set up in IoPay, and want to use them in MetaMask you can easily import it by simply importing their private keys. See the sections below to learn how to access the private key in IoPay.

Please note that Metamask will show your IoTeX wallet address in the Web3 format, so you will see an address starting by”0x..”: as long as the private key is the same, that address represents the exact same blockchain account as in ioPay, they just use different formats for the public address representation.

In ioPay mobile, you can display the private key by tapping the little icon in the top right of the screen.

In ioPay Desktop, select “Export Keystore“, then click “Show Private Key“.