A community funded and owned Play to Earn NFT Blockchain Gaming Experience powered by Unreal Engine.

Once upon a time...

in the year 2149 machine DeFi got out of control. Every device in the world is interconnected in the IoTex blockchain. But the machines have united against humanity. They have taken over our monetary system and technologies and thrown the world into chaos. Humanity has been nearly annihilated.

But what the machines didn’t count on were the people’s pets. The dogs, faithful companions of mankind since time immemorial, have grouped together in secret to fight the machines to save the earth and their old masters.

You take on the role of one of these dogs. Rescue humans and animals from the clutches of the machines, fight boss battles, raise your levels and earn unique NFT equipments, tokens and reputation.



It is definitely worth minting a Shibapunk. Our Shibapunks come with 9 different traits with about 10 variations each. So the rarity of each Shibapunks will be very high.

There will be 500 special characters among the Shibapunks. They will use a wrench as a weapon. The owners of these Shibapunks will get an exclusive female Shibapunk. You’ll need a female Shibapunk to breed more Shibapunks in the hatchery. So these 500 female shibas will be the most valueable assets in our ecosystem. So it could be very rewarding to mint more than one Shibapunk.

It will also be necessary to own a Shibapunk to play the game and only a pair of male and female Shibapunks of the first Generation can create new Shibapunks in the Hatchery.

Your NFT characters can be leveled up and equipped in-game and then sold on the open market. Or you send them on missions to get more tokens and equipment that you can sell or improve in the fuse.

So our first users will regulate the market price by breeding the new shibapunks. You can make profits by selling your newly breeded Shibapunks or by sending them on missions for passive income.

Select your Role


The fighter is experienced in close combat. He knows all knife moves and has completed his combat training with the old kung fu masters. A fighting machine that is always in the frontline.


The Ranger is a marksman and is especially skilled in the use of all ranged weapons such as rifles, pistols and the crossbow. He lurks in ambush and kills quickly and silently.


The engineer is a real technology freak and knows all kinds of gadgets to trick his enemies. He is also experienced in using heavy guns like the rocket launcher.

Fight, Fuse And Earn

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Use our level system to make your character stronger and more valuable to get bigger and better rewards.

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Complete missions and fight evil machines to earnĀ  tokens, weapons and equipment as NFTs.

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Forge powerful equipment by fusing your old stuff and have a chance for epic and unique items.

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Breed new characters in your hatchery, fight with them or trade them on our NFT marketplace.


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Sell your characters and equipment on the open marketplace for extra profits or buy the hero of your dreams.

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Upgrade your base to unlock new abilities and features. Send your heroes on missions to earn passive income.

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Fight against other players in the arena. Climb the global leaderboard and prove yourself in tournaments to earn rewards.

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Create or join a guild. Fight together with friends in dangerous dungeons against boss machines to get epic items.


Our tokens were fair launched and we have only a small share of the total supply. Accordingly, we have no capital to fund the game. The NFT sale is a community-oriented reward based crowd-funding to finance the game. Below you can see our milestones. From 1000 sold NFTs ongoing we start with the development. With your help we can build something awesome for you and with you and we will return 100% of it back to the community.

Also, the dual tokenomics of ioshib and bioshib will play an important role in the game ecosystem.



Helping to make this world a little bit better is an important goal for the IoTexShiba community. In the game, everyone has the possibility to donate a part of their rewards directly by pressing a button. So after each mission you can decide for yourself if you want to take your reward with you or donate it.

Help us to grow together and contribute to make the world a better place. We strongly believe the IoTexShiba project can become something unique in the crypto space and show the world that profit and generosity do not have to be contrasts.